RTMS.  IRT.  IVRS.  IWRS.  IxRS.  Whichever you prefer.  Kevin has over 25 years  experience of harnessing this technology for the Pharmaceutical Industry, ensuring you  use this application in the most efficient, cost effective way.

Acting as an independent consultant, Kevin can assess your current RTMS activities to see where improvements might be made, including areas of:

  • Provider comparisons, evaluations, and RFI selection processes.
  • Internal, bespoke RTMS software development.
  • Project Management of globally implemented configurable solutions.
  • Trial supply methodologies
  • IRT governance and oversight formation
  • URS and UAT support, including risk based scenario identification
  • Integration strategies

Additionally (and critical to Pharmaceutical IRT success) Kevin can also offer computer systems quality and compliance expertise, including the validation assurance of individual builds and general use configurable solutions.

If you require IRT support, please feel free to make contact.